Tips and tricks

Some useful information and insights to help you make the most of your HydraCoach experience.


Drinking from the HydraCoach using the Mouthpiece is a two-step process. With your lips around the mouthpiece, locate your teeth on the indents at the tip and bite down to open the slit. To ensure accuracy take a good suck in, just like you would with a straw, to draw the fluid from the bottle up in to your mouth. When finished, simply remove your mouth from the Mouthpiece and the slit will automatically seal itself to protect against accidental spillage.

The PHG value may be adjusted throughout the day to accommodate your personal hydration needs. The PHG value may be adjusted up to address greater fluid needs as a result of exercise, the environment, illness or health conditions, pregnancy or other variables. The PHG value may also be adjusted down to account for fluids consumed from alternate sources other than the HydraCoach. Before embarking on a custom hydration program, please consult your doctor on all issues related to your personal hydration requirements.

The Bottle should be refilled when the water line reaches the ----REFILL---- mark on the lower back portion of the bottle. This ensures that no air is sucked through the system resulting in erroneous readings. The accuracy of the HydraCoach relies on maintaining a “closed system” in which water is captured within the Impeller Assembly and Tubing at all times.

Do not tip the bottle too far forward while you drink. Think of it more like drinking from a straw in a cup. Keep the bottle oriented in a vertical position for it to work most effectively. The bottle may be slightly tipped forward while drinking for ease of use. Do not tip it upside down to drink as you would with open lid or squirt style bottles.

It is perfectly all right to put ice in the bottle to keep your drink cold.

When adding water to the bottle, DO NOT fill to the very top. When the Upper Cap is screwed down, water will be displaced and spill out.

When transporting a filled HydraCoach, especially within a bag or other confined space, make sure that the Mouthpiece does not become compressed or deformed in any way, or water will be released from the system


The HydraCoach seems to be reading low.
You may be sucking too lightly. Try sucking a little harder through the Mouthpiece. (See the Helpful Tips section in the manual for more details)
The HydraCoach seems to be reading high.
Make sure that you are not sucking any air through the system. Ensure that there is always water contained within the Impeller Assembly and Tubing while in use. (See the Helpful Tips section in the manual for more details)
The Computer does not register my fluid intake after I drink from the HydraCoach.
The Hydration Program has not been started 
or is paused. (See the HydraCoach Operation section in the manual for more details) The HydraCoach is assembled improperly. (See the Disassembling and Reassembling the HydraCoach section in the manual for more details) The Impeller may be bound or seized. Check to make sure that the Impeller spins freely within its housing.
The Computer behaves erratically, experiences “lock-ups” or the display is weak or fades in and out.
The Battery may be weak and/or dying. Check to see if the Low Battery Icon is flashing on the display to indicate replacement. (See the Battery Information and Installation section in the manual for more details)
The Computer’s LCD and other sensitive components do not operate well in extremely hot or cold conditions. Return the HydraCoach to a less extreme environment. Check the components for cracks or breaks, and the fit of all assemblies to ensure that the system is air and water tight. A system that is compromised by air or water leaks will cause the HydraCoach to malfunction. Tighten any loose fittings.
The Computer’s display is blank or does not light up.
The Battery is completely dead, not installed or the factory installed Insulation Tab may still be inside the battery compartment. (See the Battery Information and Installation section in the manual for more details)
It is difficult to suck water through the tubing and mouthpiece.
The Mouthpiece and/or Air Check Valve may not be fully cut through. Try pinching and rolling the Mouthpiece between your thumb and index finger to open the slit completely. Run a fingernail across the Air Check Valve (located under the cap) to separate the four triangular shaped flaps from one another to allow air to more easily pass through.

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